Thursday, March 7, 2019

Ribbon Flowers & Design Luxury Flower Delivery in Istanbul Turkey

BEST FORBold & colourful floral designs
DELIVERY FEECalculated at checkout
CONTACT(009) 0212 323 00 42 |
(009) 0535 462 68 90 
PAYMENT METHODSMajor credit cards
Ribbon Flowers & Design is a floral design studio with a bold and dramatic aesthetics in design. Founded in 2014 by Buse Üçer in Reşitpaşa, İstanbul, Ribbon Flowers & Design provides floral styling and concept consultancy for various events and occasions. Customers can also purchase individual arrangements or sign up to their weekly flower subscription service. 
Ribbon Flowers has just opened its new online shop website where you can send luxurious flowers, bouquets, special arrangements, flowers in box, chocolate and flower gifts in Istanbul Turkey. You can send flowers by clicking here.


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