Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Canopy Beds: In Love

I have always been in love with the canopy beds. There is something enchanting and grand about them, you almost feel like a king or queen when you sleep and wake up in one. Unfortunately, since they are so tall and big you have to have huge space in your bedroom to have one, if not opt for it.
Here I gathered some of the amazing poster-bed pictures I have been collecting. Hope you enjoy.

Soft and neutral colors on a canopy bed can make the bed seem a little small. The scallop details in the top curtain of the bed gives a lot of character and charisma. Below is the inside look of the same bed. Details of the draping is breathtaking.

Initialed pillows create a sophisticated look.

This bed makes me sleepy. All the details in this bedroom bring up coziness.

Clean lines, modern meets classic look. Velvet gray headboard gives warmth, white sofa trio brightens the room. Even this poster bed with simple steel structure can make a statement.

Large patterned headboard is cooled down with white simple canopy bed curtains.

This picture I took is from Ralph Lauren Store Madison Avenue New York. Top floor of the store is RL Home, it is one of my favorite interior decor stores in New York. Every month they have a different display of each rooms. This one was so dreamy, the rose petal colored walls make a perfect contrast with ivory tulle curtains of the poster bed.

Patterns that you might never think of bringing together comes all along in the bedroom. Leopard, floral, polka dots make a weird but good unison.

Pull it up bed: Gives such a different energy when a bed is pulled up with 8 holes coming out of the ceiling.

Soft and grand, this beige toned bedroom feels so lovely to look at. Ceiling details are impeccable.

Perfectly fabric. Use of right fabric is very important in canopy beds, the quality changes the whole look. This patterned yellow fabric is shockingly beautiful, especially baby blue contrasts so well with it. Using two different colors on inside and out can create a complete cool vibe.

Such lovely woody and leafy details on the legs of the canopy bed. Gold color brings up the warmth in the room when matched with a dimmed table lamp, beige colors and cozy carpet.

Sophisticated gold: Intricate details in the wood work of the canopy bed brings a sophisticated and bold look.

Classically beautiful: Light blue ruffled curtain detailing on top of the canopy bed is so playful and charming.

Clean and hotel feel: Some people want their bedrooms to feel like a nice hotel room, I can totally relate to that. This clean structured canopy bed, big puffy mattress and pillows, nice patterned carpet can help you reach this effect.

Summery playful: When striped pink curtains matches this pistachio green walls, this joyful, cute and fun bedroom comes up.

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