Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Patterned Couch

Bold colorful patterns are currently in right now. Ikat pattern became a huge trend for couple of years, and we started seeing it more and more in interior magazines and on the internet these days. It seems like ikat wont be out of fashion for many more years to come. 

Geometric shapes meets french classic gold looks so elegant.

Here there we see an ikat pattern couch with a modern day twist, paired with patterned pillow and ottoman. The decorator went against odds here by using so many patterns and it all works so well together.

Cobalt blue ikat couch looks perfect in front of that antique mirror.

Stripes also work well with classic sofas.

Fun little couch with a modern twist of native american pattern, matched with bright pink pillows. 

A bit more classic look with linen red stripes, matched with old-fashioned flowered pillows.

Red kilim pattern used with matching pillows works well with the antique luggage that are used as side tables.

Perfect example of how to recycle an old sofa: with a patterned geometric fabric.

Striped and satin fabric brings a classy feminine look.

Casual and effortless, this fabric went very well with the form of this couch.

One lover seat sofa says it all. Going bold with only one sofa with the use of patterned fabric makes a statement.


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