Thursday, May 31, 2012

ONE HOUR project Book

My friend Zeynep is a very talented graphic designer; and she is doing
a project exploring the relativity of time.

She has put the project on kick-starter to help raise funds to print
the first 1000 copies for her first 250 projects.

To help her, click .
She will send you a postcard, a poster or even a book!

In her own words, "ONE HOUR project tries to answer the question "What
is possible in an hour?"through experiments and activities that last
exactly one hour, using a variety of media, tools and found objects.
Individually and collectively, they can suggest many things; such as
determination, ability, commitment or efficiency but mainly how we
perceive time."

Some Images from the book:

Licking a Lollipop

Paper Shapes

Love me NOT

Rolling Cigarettes


Hangman's noose


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