Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How to Use a Jar Tile in Four Ways

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Uncommongoods Jar Tile

Hey hey!! How do you like my new jar tiles??? I received them from, they are not only cool but also super practical. The pictures I took are just an example of how many different things that I can put in these cute little jar tiles, let's start counting:
1. My favorite makeup (those are the ones that I use all the time: Nars Bronzer, Tom Ford red lipstick, Bare Minerals eye shadow, Nars face tint, and Dior mascara). Having them in the jar tile is so practical, because sometimes it is hard to find the lipstick or mascara you are looking for in your messy beauty drawer, having them there just makes it easier for you, especially in the mornings when you can't see anything :)
2. My favorite color, purple roses; a girl has to have fresh flowers in her bathroom!!
3. My Balenciaga perfume, actually it is hard to keep the parfume in this jar tile, just for the show haha! 
4. Jewelry, and yes the jar tile has a top cover, so you can hide things in there, wouldn't recommend to hide your diamond ring though:)


  1. such a useful and decorative item. would love to get a couple of them. if only i was in the us and a:)

  2. It's a useful way to store items. There are a lot of possibilities in the bathroom.


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