Thursday, November 17, 2011

Vintage Yellow and The Bootstrap Project

lemony bisous chicbisous chic blog
bisous chic blog
bisous chic blog

My inspiration of today's post is the vintage flowery top/skirt combo of the hip girl from Coachella 2011and The Bootstrap Project.
Rainboots are  one of Coachella must-have's, and she paired her military green colored boots perfectly with the flower patterned outfit.
I heard about this amazing idea and website of a friend over the weekend. It is called The Bootstrap Project. It is a non-profit organization that helps artisans of the villages that suffer from poverty. The idea is to trade, not aid:) At bootstrap project, you can purchase a craft of a villager and help a village and an artisan end their poverty. I wanted to share this piece of stool hand-made by Sodiqjon Amonov, a 4th generation wood carver from Tajikistan. Located in the 3rd picture, 4 colorful stools in front of a bed add originality and color to a bedroom or a living room. Purchase one of these stools before they are sold out, and join the movement, invest in a good cause. Buy them here.

Photo 1 via Mr. Newton, Photo 2, 3 my collage, Photo 4 via Elle Decor.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Rococo Print, Twill, Silk and Hermes

Screen shot 2011-11-11 at 5.06.32 PM red bisous chic

red bisous chic red bisouschic

Tibi Rococo Print Silk Twill Skirt, what a description for a skirt!! Love the effect of the red damaskish flower pattern on a big white silk skirt, the result: elegant but cool... And of course Leandra from The Man Repeller rocked it by pulling this skirt with her green military jacket.
There is a dress version of this skirt as well, but if I were to buy one I would pick the skirt:)
The pattern reminded me about one of the fine china collections of Hermes. So, I decided to mix and match Hermes plates with some red decoration inspirations that match with it. Hope you enjoy it...

Photo 1 via, Man Repeller, Photo 2 via Tibi, Photo 3, 4, 5 my collage.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Inspirational Element: China Cabinet

China cabinet bisouschic China cabinet bisouschic China cabinet bisouschic

China cabinet bisouschic

China cabinet bisouschicChina cabinet bisouschic China cabinet bisouschic China cabinet bisouschic China cabinet bisouschic China cabinet bisouschic China cabinet bisouschic

I love table settings, and the key to a perfect table setting is colorful China. China is so delicate and fun to look at that people tend to display them in cabinets to enjoy them more. It adds charm to a dining room, and elegance to a dining table. 
I think displaying them is such a great idea since you use them rarely (when you have special guests and all...). By displaying them in a corner of your living room or dining room, you get to enjoy them everyday, instead of just showcasing them only for special dinners. I hope you enjoyed the variety of china cabinets I put together. My favorites are the first and last :)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Lavender Dreamin'

Screen shot 2011-11-08 at 5.24.42 PM peacetreatygiveaway1 wtf Screen shot 2011-11-08 at 5.14.39 PM Screen shot 2011-11-08 at 5.09.56 PM

Lavender and pink dreaming this Tuesday. Too bad we are too far from Friday...

Photo 1 via Kurnazli, Photo 2,4,5 my collages, Photo 3 via Honestly wtf.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Texture Shape Pattern and Chic Chandeliers

bisous chic blog
bisous chic
bisous chic blog
My hidden WOWs in this post are 1. Boat bed, and 2. Origins A Perfect World Body Cleanser. Have you spotted both?
Boat Bed: what a cool, interesting, unique idea!! An old fishing boat turned into a cozy bed. If you are living in the Mediterranean, I would say go for it!
Origins A Perfect World Body Cleanser: This creamy body cleanser with White Tea is my last new obsession. It is a lathering lotion that cleans skin perfectly, leaving you with a perfectly smooth, and luscious body after bath. Click here to buy.

    Wednesday, November 2, 2011

    Black Lace Dreams

    bisous chic rings cake collage
    runway bisouschic
    bisouschic runway lace
    bisous chic lace collagedreams bisous chic
    bisous chic lamp collagebisouschic black n white long white
    the-coat-hanger-1940s bisouschic
    bisouschic black n white lace
    teacups bisouschic

    Black lace is super classic, elegant and chic, and this year it is on demand. Most of the Spring 2012 Runway shows carry a piece of black lace. I wanted to carry that trend and create a collage of lovely lace looks and decor that match with lace elegance.
    Have you noticed the gold number rings in the first collage? They are made by Lulu Frost, and I am dying to get one. And of course number 3!
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