Monday, October 31, 2011

My DIY Halloween Costume: Lichtenstein's Comic Book Girl

comic book costume, lichtenstein


Screen shot 2011-10-31 at 3.11.24 PM

Lichtenstein-wallpaper-w-blue-floor-interior-92 (1)

Happy Halloween everyone!!! This year I wanted to make my own costume for Halloween. While wandering through DIY costume ideas, this Roy Lichtenstein's comic book girl costume idea blew me away. So, I put together my own version of this look. I purchased my dress from an eBay vintage store, I got a make up kit, and some black tape from Pearl. I had a red belt with a bow in the back and I wore that with the dress. Make-up took me around 40 minutes, the hardest part of the makeup was doing the red dots, it took me a looong time to paint them one by one:) I used the round back of a make up brush and applied red paint on my face one by one. Patience is the key here. After all, it was worth spending a lot of time on the costume... Hope you get inspired from this post as well...

Images via Roy Lichtenstein.


  1. such a cute idea! you look awesome! so creative.

  2. i was totally a roy lichtenstein painting this year too!! but nobody got it and thought i had measles. Should def try your approach next year with a blonde wig and little bubble quote!

  3. Oh you were:)) You can also try painting a white jacket or tshirt like one of his paintings..

  4. That looks totally awesome, I'm sure that everybody loved it. Thanks.

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