Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Milbrook Getaway

milbrook black n white

prosciutto plate
This weekend we were invited to our friend Permele's house in Milbrook, NY. Her house used to be a farmhouse, they kept the original farm doors and columns, which added a lot of character to the house. We brought cheese and salami from Murray's Cheese NY (my favorite cheese shop in NYC). Here are my favorites: My selection of meats are always Prosciutto San Daniele, Genoa Salami and Mortadella. My selection of cheeses are Burrata, Gouda and Dill Havarti. To complete these selections, we had Rose wine.
Aside from eating delicious cheese, we went to sightseeing in one of Milbrook's Gardens and tanned along the poolside, which was very relaxing after sweating a week in NYC. I'm so looking forward to my next getaway, keep posted!


  1. Amazing composition for the pictures, I love your blog. I think you could have a blog of 3 and Vintage Mercedes, you are missing the Virginia one ;)

  2. Thanks lillo. I am trying to create series of 3 and vintage mercedes cars, it may become a stand alone blog one day:)

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