Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Elegant but Rock and Roll

tumblr_lo8xfnSjwU1qzabxpo1_r1_500 vogueweekend
Screen shot 2011-07-19 at 4.08.41 PM

Cleo 440
Cleo Necklace from Dannijo, $795.

Mara Necklace from Dannijo, $340 for 3.
Cota 440
Cota Necklace from Dannijo, $795.

Bold necklaces are so trendy right now, they are everywhere from Banana Republic, J.Crew to street sellers in Soho. But, these Dannijo necklaces are different, their coolness level is over the top. They are hip, elegant, Rock and Roll, Spaceshipy, African, Glittery and everything else. These are the ones I selected, to see more craziness click here. Love their collection!
When you buy one of these necklaces, you also need a jewelry section as cool as your jewelry in your bedroom like in the pictures above. (Don't forget: always have your jewelry section in front of a mirror).

Photo 1 via Vogue Weekend, Photo 2,3 via The Decorista.


  1. such cool necklaces, love them!

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